At Above the Water we take swimming very seriously as it is such an important life skill. We guarantee both consistency and fun packed lessons for your child to achieve the very best results. We are a dedicated, passionate team who believe that learning should be fun and that anyone can learn to swim, no matter what age or experience.

Hopefully you can find out as much information as possible here on our website. Any further information you require please do not hesitate to contact us.


Lesson types:

We offer a range of lesson types:
1-1- £20

(One teacher to one child-particularly good for very nervous swimmers or swimmers who may have special or additional needs. We also find that those who are older and have something specific they want to work on go for this option).

2-1- £15

(Two children to one teacher- they help improve special skills as the swimmers also learn from each other. This introduces a competitive element to swimming yet keeps it simple and fun. This is a great option for swimmers who want to come with a friend or a sibling).
Groups of 4- £10

(Beginner groups).
Groups of 6- £10

(Stage 3+ groups) .

Group lessons


Group lessons are always a lot of fun for our swimmers. Due to there being a few swimmers, there are many games and new ideas that can be introduced. Not only can the swimmers make friends and have fun they can take the role of the teacher by correcting others. This is a great way for the swimmers to become confident in what they are doing as well as improve on their own technique.

 Above the Water Advanced

The purpose of this class is to practice what they are being taught in their swimming lessons and to develop their stamina to help them achieve the tough distances for Stage 4 and above. We think that this may help your child for many reasons. Please see below:

  • Build up stamina

  • Accommodate different skill levels 

  • Become more confident in the water

  • Have fun

  • Increase their fitness

  • Meet new friends

  • Learn survival skills